Italian Butternut Squash Bisque with the fixins’

 I would start by apologizing for posting 2/3 soup-like recipes but it’s Fall and I don’t care! 🍁🍁🍂🍂 I love Fall and this recipe allows me to multi-task which is great for a working student! Secondly, I would apologize for the wait for this post but this is typically how my blog will run as I am in school and this is something I do in my spare time.

So… This recipe began with me deciding I wanted to make butternut squash soup in my crock pot. Then I decided that I would really like Italian Carbornara pasta, you know ALL THE CARBS with cheese and bacon and peas and love? Well, I can’t have that, so I decided to make a Carbornara infused butternut squash bisque.


  1. 2 cups vegetable stock (I used trader joes)
  2. 1 clove garlic (large)
  3. 2 large carrots peeled
  4. 2 gala apples chopped and peeled
  5. 1 butternut squash (roasted, peeled, chopped) *or use the store bought stuff that’s pre-cut, I won’t judge.
  6. 1/2 large onion
  7. Salt and pepper
  8. 1tbsp Italian seasoning
  9. 1tsp dried basil
  10. 1/2 tsp cayanne
  11. 1/2cup coconut milk

*** all these ingredients go in the crock pot first, throw in at night on low and go to bed***

Good morning! Now I want you to take all those ingredients and stick it in a blender and blend ’em on up and then stick them back in the crock pot. Now, you’ll add the following ingredients.

  1. 2tbsp honey
  2. 1 cup frozen peas
  3. 1tbsp olive oil
  4. 1/3c Parmesan cheese
  5. 2 more cups of the vegetable stock.

Now, go to work/school/wherever and leave your crock pot on warm. You don’t want it to keep cooking on low or your peas will get mushy.

Welcome home, did you have a long day? Good thing is now all you have to do is stick some bacon in the oven and make some wild rice. Then add the bacon and rice on top of the soup with the following.

  1. Wild rice (as much as you want) P.S. Cook it first using leftover broth/stock
  2. Bacon (as much as you want)
  3. Parmesan cheese
  4. Shelled pumpkin seeds

Now eat, you had a long day and you deserve it.


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